2016 Chefs for Farmers in Dallas a Wild Success


by Joey Stewart  photos by Joey Stewart

The Main Event in Dallas on Sunday was the star of the weekend at the 5th annual Chefs for Farmers culinary three-day throw-down. Thousands stood in line and made their way into the large four-room space at Gilley’s, where a who’s who of gastronomic pros stuffed the guest’s bellies with tasty offerings.  Dean Fearing (Fearing’s Restaurant, Dallas) and the Lost Coyotes returned, with bagpipe players and a drum troupe also entertaining the crowd. If Scotty had beamed the entire event up to another dimension in space, Dallas’ restaurant scene would be a ghost town today.  

ediieEddie “Lucky” Campbell

Chefs For Farmers is an annual food and wine festival held in Dallas that brings chefs, artisans and culinary influencers together to celebrate supporting local and regional farmers at a three-day culinary blowout.

In addition to some of the hottest chefs in Dallas, national chefs also participated. This year, 60+ chefs along with 35+ farmers/artisans and 50+ wineries, breweries and distilleries all gathered for this “down home no mess, no fuss” weekend.

Created in 2010 by the founders of cutting-edge Dallas restaurant FT33, CFF began as a long table dinner for 125 people at Eden’s Organic Farm in Balch Springs, Texas. The goal of the evening was to bring farmers and local chefs together to promote the benefits of working closely with their local/regional farmers. In its evolution, CFF is now a multi-day festival with thousands in attendance at The Main Event.


gottlichChef Scott Gottlich (Second Floor, Dallas)

Participants included local chefs such as Brian Luscher (The Grape, Luscher’s Red Hots), Janice Provost (Parigi), Matt McCallister (FT 33), Justin Fourton (Pecan Lodge), Graham Dodds (Wayward Sons), Matt Dallman and Scott Gottlich (18th & Vine BBQ), Jeramie Issac Robison (Uchi Dallas), John Tesar (Knife),  and more. National chefs include Stephen Stryjewski (Couchon, New Orleans), Rebecca Masson (Fluff Bake Bar, Houston), Kevin Johnson (The Grocery, Charleston, N.C.), Steve McHugh (CURED AT PEARL in San Antonio), Jeremiah Langhorne, Food & Wine 2016 Best Restaurant of the Year (The Dabney, Washington DC) and more.

Enjoy many of the sights from this tremendous event.

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