Stone Crab Season Starts October 15th and Truluck’s is the Place to Celebrate in Texas

stonecrabby Steven Doyle

One of the most delicious taste treats you might enjoy is the sweet and divinely satisfying stone crab, which is no doubt food of the gods. This crab can be allusive as well, as the fishing season for Florida stone crab is from October 15 until May 15. 

When purchasing stone crab you will note that only the claw is available which are sold by size, generally in four sizes: medium, large, jumbo, and colossal. When fishing for stone crab, the fisherman in most cases only take one claw before releasing the crustacean back into the waters where the claw will renew.  


The Monterey Bay Aquarium has given the Floridian stone crab fishery its highest rating of “Best Choice” for maintaining high fishing standards and working hard to keep the stone crab a viable fishery.

One of the chief reasons the crab is so sweet is due to its diet of  oysters and other mollusks as well as seagrass. 

In Texas there are several places you might find stone crab on the menu, including  Truluck’s in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Southlake, and The Woodlands in Texas. There are additional locations in Florida where Truluck’s has their own fishery and in California. The seafood coming from these crystal clear waters just off the Isle of Capris is served on the restaurant’s table within twenty-four hours of being caught. 

Consider Truluck’s an upscale steak and seafood restaurant because they do both very well. 

cioppino trulucks

The menu is varied, and punctuated with the stone crab. Virtually everything on the menu may have stone crabs added to them, including the stone crabs themselves.  Start your dining experience with caviar served with all the accouterments including creme fraiche, grated egg and sesame crisps.

There is also Truluck’s version of the seafood tower, the chilled shellfish platter that consists of cold shrimp, stone crab claws, oysters and a blue crab cocktail. This may be ordered based on how many you have in your party, which makes this a delicious jump start to your seafood evening.

There are several choices of hot appetizers including crab cakes that exemplify the definition of the dish, and escargot, which seems to be a vanishing offering from menus in our modern times. These are served up hot with plenty of herbed butter and roasted walnuts.

The lobster bisque is velvety smooth and riddled with lobster chunks and finished with a smattering of horseradish goat cheese for an unexpected twist of culinary fate.

The seafood entrees range from sea bass, swordfish and a massive whole fish that could be shared (but why?). They also offer a stuffed lobster tail that is packed with large lump crab that haunts.




There are actually some terrific beef choices for your friends that do not prefer seafood — we question this friendship, but there are a few out there allergic to shellfish. For these folks, and also for a change of pace, sample the beef filet topped with blue crab, rock shrimp, and Maine lobster in a Sriracha cream sauce. This will kick your taste buds into action. 

There is also a filet that is served with foie butter and roasted mushrooms. This steak is highly recommended because who doesn’t love foie butter? Diners will also find a selection of large haunches of prime steaks including a bone-in ribeye all priced very well for this upscale environment. 

Of course there are seafood entrees that range from a crab claw platter, king and dungeness crabs, and more lobsters to tantalize. And remember, more crab claws can be added to any of these dishes, which makes order a nice steak genius because there is no need to suffer through a meal without those amazing critters of the sea, the stone crab.

carrot cake

No meal at Truluck’s would be complete without one of the signature desserts such as their heavenly moist chocolate cake or the perfectly delicious carrot cake. Why suffer through a decision when you may order both for the table to taste. 

Entertainment is usually available and enjoying the music before or after dining is perfect when paired with cocktails or a bottle from Truluck’s nationally recognized wine list. We are getting excited about the stone crab season, and are planning another visit soon.

Check Truluck’s website for locations in Texas near you. 


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